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Visit to wetland

It is a place of the highest ecological importance and rare beauty. It’s under the aegis of the European program ENVIREG with actions for protection and aesthetical elevation. The lagoon is vital for species of migratory birds, which stop and breed in winter and spring time.

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Visit the pinewood

The site of Koukounaries is a landscape of outstanding natural beauty with aesthetical value. Τhe pine forest offers shade, alternative activities or quiet time. Located in the southern part of Skiathos and includes mainly a mixed forest with Pinus halepensis, Pinus pinea and sclerophyllous shrubs which extends up to the coastline and the lake Strofilia.

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Hiking, trails & chapels

Skiathos has an organized network with 25 walks and a length of over 197 km. The paths are well signposted and there are trails lasting from 1-6 hours. You discover the historical and religious monuments of the place and the wonderful natural environment. From Koukounaries Mandraki as from inside the beautiful forest and wonderful walks in the northern part of the island to the monastery Kounistra and the stream of Kehria with running water, the herbs and wildflowers.

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Swimming in exotic beach

Is the most cosmopolitan beach in Skiathos and it is truly a paradise on earth, with lush pine forests , the unique in all over the world of golden sand beach since the sand shines under the summer sun, the crystal-clear azure waters, characterize it equally exotic to those of the Pacific Ocean.

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Swimming pool

The adjacent luxury hotel Mandraki Village boutique Hotel kindly grant free entrance to our esteemed customers, using the adult pool and child’s pool.

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Sea sports

On the beach you can enjoy water sports such as Water ski, Jet Ski, Kayaking, Windsurfing, Water truncated and parachute.

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Try the luck yourself on the rocks at the edge of the beach, or from the coast or from the wooden bridge or in an afternoon fishing excursion renting a small boat.

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Ηaving the experience in the field of free diving and fish gun you can enjoy trips for snorkeling & spearfishing, depending on the level of the individual concerned, in the area of Skiathos and neighboring islands with unforgettable experience.

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Tennis Court

Our esteemed clientele serves the neighboring Ηotel Myrtia Summer Village. For pitch reservations please contact Tel. 0030 24270 49 410

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Snorkeling is something everyone can do with no special training

As the beauty of the Aegean sea  should not be hidden from anyone, every afternoon are organized snorkeling trips from “Skiathos Diving center” in Koukounaries beach to Troulos island and the sourounding areas, or to Tsougria isle.