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Τhe beauty of the Aegean should not hide from anyone and especially from those who choose to visit Skiathos. The diving excursions designed especially for inexperienced divers, in specific locations, which everyone can enjoy without special training.

Both on land and in water, a professional trainer will help you and advise you through the detailed information about the equipment you use, what you can expect to see and how to protect marine life. 

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In Skiathos Riding Center, situates at Koukounaries area. Is operated for 21 years on the island, an equestrian paradise in a ten acre estate is created, behind the beach of Koukounaries. There you will settle your riding, while the little kids will enjoy walks in the farm with Rosa the donkey and the pony horses. As for the routes, they vary depending on the experience of the rider. Upon request, accompanied by highly trainee instructors.

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Skiathos Mountain Bikes offers you the best equipment available on the Island! You have the option to choose the bike you would like to rent from various top built quality bikes and sizes. You may follow Skiathos Mountain Bikes on a scheduled excursion and then keep the bike and explore Skiathos Island on your own

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Karate Summer Camp

The accommodation of athletes from around the world are in the 5 * Hotel Skiathos Palace at Koukounaries area. Their training is done in the Park Koukounaries  and at the beach in very early morning and before sunset.

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The wetland found about 60 species of birds, 5 species of mammals and 7 species of amphibians reptiles. In the region conducted scientific studies of ecosystem data, seeking the protection, conservation and management of nature and landscape of this rare type. They have recorded over time, various kinds of birds, some of which nest permanently and some visit the habitat only during the spring and autumn.

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Adjacent beaches

Nearby enjoy a swim in unique beautiful beaches, secluded and cosmopolitan as: Akti Elias, Mandraki, Agistros, Banana, Agia Eleni, Maratha, Ampelakia.

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Visiting the monastery

Founded in the 17th century and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The lore says the miraculous image of the Virgin was found by  the monk Simeon,  hanging on a pine and shone like a star, during the Ottoman period. Due to continuous pirate raids the monastery is fortified with battlements. It aisled basilica with a dome. Internally, the exceptional paintings are two different time periods, 1741 and 1805. The temple is carved and gilded. Celebrates with brilliant festival on November 21st.

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Yoga Retreat

The accommodation of athletes from around the world is Skiathos Driades apartments at Koukounaries area.
Their training is done at our accommodation's big garden  and some times at the beach in very early morning and before sunset.