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Added:: 2020-02-12 10:55:00 Greece (Ελλάδα)

Kαλή νέα χρονιά σας εύχομαι έστω και καθυστερημένα αγαπητοί μου κ. Γιώργο και κ. Μαρία. Θα ήθελα να σας ευχαριστήσω για όλα μία ακόμα φορά. Περάσαμε καταπληκτικά και θα σας ξαναέλθουμε. Με φιλικούς χαιρετισμούς, Στέλλα και Κώστας Παναγόπουλος


Added:: 2020-01-02 01:42:00 Italy (Italia)

Dear all we wish you have Happy New Year with lots of love and good luck. Thank you very much for the lovely holidays you offered us, the sweetest memories ever!!! See you next summer!!!! Sincerely yours, Peccini Jiacomo e Mariella

Peccini Jiacomo

Added:: 2017-07-21 21:23:00 Romania (România)

I sincerly never met such a wonderful guest as you are in any of my previous holidays . Thank you really much Maria.

Robert and Adela Popescu

Added:: 2017-07-21 21:23:00 Italy (Italia)

Sig. Maria On our return, in our apartment, we found your mousaka and the postcard on the bed! What a beautiful thought for us, has really made us happy, especially my father! Thank you so much!

Ricardo Pellegrini Padua

Added:: 2017-04-21 21:22:00 Greece (Ελλάδα)

Φιλική και εξυπηρετική υποδοχή από την κα Μαρια πανέμορφη τοποθεσία πολύ όμορφο και δροσερό το διαμέρισμα. Η οργιαζουσα φύση σε συνδυασμό με την απίστευτη θάλασσα την ιστορία του Κάστρου το γραφικότατο Μπουρτζι τα καντούνια και όχι μόνο ήταν μια μικρή γεύση για το πανέμορφο νησί σας. Μαζι με την ευγενική υποδοχή αλλά και τον ζεστό αποχαιρετισμό της κας Μαριας αναχωρησαμε με τα καλύτερα συναισθήματα και με τη διάθεση φυσικά να επανέλθουμε στο μέλλον.

Moναστηριώτης Αυγουστίνος- Αθήνα

Added:: 2017-07-20 21:22:00 Romania (România)

Your moral support was extraordinary and I appreciate it so much. You were a wonderful host for us and so much more than that. Thank you also for a great lesson of generosity that I have learnt from you. We had a great time in Skiathos and it was one of the best holidays we have ever had.

Monica Herman Bucarest

Added:: 2017-07-21 21:21:00 Romania (România)

Dear Mrs Maria,
Thank you for making our holiday in Skiathos an unforgettable memory: The wonderfull accomodation, your hospitality, your good advices (we went on the Boat trip to allonissos and the boys saw dolphins…. we went to infinity blue and it was really pleasant… we saw the monastery- Evagelistrias- extraordinary and Kastro ......was super -the ruines and the Wild beach was a delight for the boys.
I was speecheless, yesterday, when we found all those delightfull presents.

Thank you so much and we wish you all the best in the world (and lots of happy guests).

Iulia Echim Bucarest

Added:: 2017-07-21 21:21:00 Italy (Italia)

Dear Maria. We would like to thank you once again. We are saying that this was one of our best holiday ever. We enjoyed the beautiful Skiathos and overall your amazing hospitality and kindness. We like to travel and meet new people and it's a pleasure for us and the kids meet special person like you. So thanks again. Hope to have you soon in Italy and don't hesitate to contact us for every necessity once there.

Stefano Rossi Torino

Added:: 2017-07-21 21:20:00 Greece (Ελλάδα)

Kυρία Μαρία. Περάσαμε όμορφα στο νησί σας και η προσπάθεια σας για να μας ευχαριστήσετε είναι αξιοσημείωτη! Σας ευχαριστούμε και πάλι!

Ιωάννα Γιαγκοπούλου Θεσσαλονίκη

Added:: 2017-07-21 21:20:00 Italy (Italia)

Dear Maria. You are a very special person. Thank you so much. Our kids are growing visiting different countries, enjoying different cultures, and most of all loving any kind of art. Your gift was special!!! We are really enjoying your super hospitality and every day spent here we are loving even more the beautiful Skiathos.

Stefano Letizia Matteo Alice