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Added:: 2017-07-21 21:19:00 Germany (Deutschland)

Geia sas kuria Maria, sas euxaristoume poli g ola. Eixame fadastikes diakopes stin skiatho.
Na se euxaristiso g alli mia fora g tin maisonette. Itan ola teleia.
Kalo xeimona euxome k polla filakia me ektimisi

Anastassia Pandi

Added:: 2016-11-19 21:19:00 Canada

Hi Maria !!

Just got home from our last day at the beach and wanted thank you so very much for such a wonderful visit to your beautiful island and home!

AND what a lovely unexpected and generous gift I just noticed on the coffee table !!!! I cannot thank you enough - what a surprise !!!!! I will wear the blouse and remember you and your lovely villa

I'm not sure of the names of your housekeeping - but I must say they are so very very lovely with such caring and lovely friendly smiles and was always so nice to know they are so close -they made it feel like family and so helpful with everything!!!
You have built a beautiful home for all the families.

Pella Economou Toronto

Added:: 2017-07-21 21:18:00 Serbia (Србија)

Me and my family (Maya, our daughter Lena and myself) spent ten wonderful days at your place. We were very happy with the accommodation and the whole experience. Now we are making plans for the summer vacation and after giving a look to bunch of different places in Greece we decided that it is probably best to come back to Skiathos, again. This would be our fifth time in a row :). Naturally, your beautiful place would be our first choice.

Petar Djundic Novi Sad

Added:: 2017-07-21 21:18:00 Switzerland (Schweiz)

This is the first place we have ever returned to for a third time in as many years. We haven't only found a special place to spend our holiday, but we found friends that we will stay in touch with for the rest of our lives. Maria and George are those special types of people you meet once in a lifetime. See you soon, Emil and Ksenija

Emil and Ksenija Hiller

Added:: 2017-07-21 21:17:00 Russia (Россия)

We spent two wonderful weeks at villa in September, 2015. We lived in new modern maisonette and it was very, very comfortable: clean, spacious (it has 2 floors), modernly furnished and decorated with delicate taste. All the equipment was fully functional, the kithen was also fully equipped. Villa is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest,with the walking distance to the 4 different beaches (inc. famous Koukonaries), shops and restaurants. Maria, the owner of villa is extremely hospitable and always glad to find time for her guests. Skiathos Driades, really, one of the best places, we have ever stayed. We wish to come back to Koukounaries and Skiatos Driades. Many thanks to Maria and her helpers for wonderful summer in Koukounaries.

Mashulya Moscow

Added:: 2017-07-21 21:17:00 Romania (România)

Thank you really much for your emails. What you have achieved is absolutely mind-blowing and I aspire to become such a great artist as you are,unfourtunatly I have such a busy schedule at school that I barely have time to draw. The organisations and companies that you are in,and the number of museums where your artwork is exposed are simply! You and my art teacher(from the private classes that I used to take) are some of my models in life,creating and achieving such performances certainly are on my "to do" list.

I am so glad I had the oportunity to interect with such an amazing host,and of course,artist, as you are.

Best wishes in the world and thank you for everything,

Bella Popescu Bucarest

Added:: 2017-07-21 21:16:00 Russia (Россия)

I am very grateful to you for warm welcome and your attention to us.

I still never so perfectly had a rest as on your island. The unusual nature, beaches and my favourite sea delighted me. I understood now that Greece is my favourite country. Very successful arrangement and pure apartments, and still your pictures which I admired 2 weeks on villa.

I want to wish you that all your life was filled with happiness, wealth and love! That your family never tested misfortunes and lived in the world with you.

I thank for everything.

With love
Marina Мещерякова
Moskow - Russia

Marina Мещерякова

Added:: 2017-07-21 21:16:00 none

I want to say you again how happy I was to stay in Villa Driades.
Thank you very - very much again for your kindness.
I am already back at work and will do my best to offer your lovely villa to our clients and to improve your wellbeing.

Kindest regards


Added:: 2017-07-21 21:15:00 none

Everything it was great thank you that we can stay by your place. Thank you again for the gifts. I hope that we see as next year. I wish you all the best .

Tanja & company

Tanja & company

Added:: 2017-07-21 21:15:00 none

Dear Maria!
Thank you very much for all! We've spent two wonderful weeks at your villa and Skiathos. We wish you all the best!
Kind regards,

Maria & Denis, Andrei & Galina