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The traditional hospitality

If you are looking for an authentic Greek hospitality for your stay, in approachable prices with all the necessary amenities, the ideal choice for you is our villa’s modern and traditional apartments, for every taste. Located at Koukounaries area of the island, they are in a privileged location in the forest with the pine trees and the sea.

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A very warm welcome to “Driades”- a very special apartment complex in the stunning Koukounaries area of Skiathos.

It’s here that the Aegean sea meets the peaceful pine forests of Skiathos, under the magical Greek sun.

The perfect recipe for an amazing holiday – just 500m from the beach!

It will be our family-team & staff’s pleasure to make your stay at Driades as special as possible, to share their local knowledge with you & do whatever they can to make your holiday unforgettable.


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New Tree house for the children

A new lovely, romantic, safe and classic treehouse will be install at our big garden to entertain the children. Βe sure that it will enjoy and enchant them.

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Our Ping -pong

Our classic style big ping-pong, will be refreshed soon and it will entertain our honorable guests of young and older ages.

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Special offers

Στην αρχική σελίδα του ιστοχώρου μας στο διαδίκτυο αναρτήσαμε εκπτωτικές τιμές για την περίοδο 1/6 - 14/6 . Οι ίδιες τιμές αφορούν και την περίοδο απο 13/9 - 20/9.