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Yoga retreat in our business

From 1/6 - 8/6 is organised a Yoga retreat in our place. For participation and information you are pleased to come in contact with our accommodation manager.

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About special offers

Dear Guests our special offers issue until the Easter time. For some type of accommodation will apply for later, as long as there is availability.

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COVID-19 Updates

Dear travellers, partners and friends,

We are systematicaly preparing to welcome you from July 1st with the confidence and warm hospitality you know. We strive to provide you with a save holiday and relaxation enviroment by reverently following the instructions for the Greek authorities and the World Health Organisation.
In the contex of Covit-19 protection masures, we follow the decision of the Greek Goverment ensuring that our partners and guests is mantained at the top of our priorities. That's why we work methodicaly to provide you with a safe environment.
Here is an update on how to deal with the situation, although in Skiathos no case of coronation has occurred.

For reservation made before the pandemic:
According to Greek law, instead of the immediate refund, you will receive a credit coupon lasting 18 months.

New reservation:
A new discount policy has been created with partial cancellation flexibility so you have all the options you may need.

Special note:
In case you need additional information or if you wish to re-schedule your trip contact the reservation- Hygiene and Safety team for help at the folowing e-mail address:

Health and Safety / Employees and partners:
Hotel employees are extremely necessary for the cleaning program.
So we expanded the support measures by providing them with personal protective equipment (MAP) and receiving special training in order to follow the new stricter procedures of Hygiene and protection in daily work, based on the Certification we have and the practices we follow.
At the same time, there is a coordinator responsible to the observance of the Health Protocol, initially training and further directing the staff as needed, according to the instructions of the Goverment.

Condinuous education / Products and protocols for cleaning and disinfecting indoor and public areas:
In addiction to training in household and hygiene protocols, hotel partners have also completed enhanced Covit-19 awareness training. Using professional products and protocols for cleaning and sisinfecting indoor, the pablic areas, the laundry area and staff's.
It also has the appropirate protective equipment (MAP) needed for its operation.
Washing and ironing services are provided by the hotel staff, in our facilities, in order to avoid contacts outside the hotel.
it also has the appropriate protective equipment needed for it's operation.
After the departure of the visitors and before the next visitor arrives in the room, it is ventilated, cleaned and disinfected very well in all areas without exception with a steam cleaner, with antiseptics, with ceritfied antiviral preparations, etc.
Particular attention is paid to the objects knobs, room keys, cards, decorations, to electric power switches, wardrobes, libraries, kitchen and bathroom equipment, etc.

Cleaning staff has access to the rooms always with necessary protective equiment. Maintenance services will be avoided in rooms, where tenants live. In the event of an emergency the occupants of the room will be notifyied in advance.

We reduce overcrowding and congestion during the reception, although the check - in takes place outdoors. We encourage customers to use the "fast ckeck in" service. We recommend to keep teh recommended distances in Public places with otjer customers with who do not have previous contacts.Disinfectants are available in all rooms and in 2 outdoor areas. Individual masks are available on request and can be measured thermally intact from a distance.
The staff thermometered every morning/
Other visitors than business guests are not allowed . If ther is a need, they should come in prior contact with the accommodation management.

Case report of Covit-19 in our accommodation:
Ιf you do not feel well, at any time, come in contact with accommodation managment, in order to inform the competent services.
If a case is diagnosed in the accommodation, we will make every effort to meet the needs and provide all possible support. We will make all the necessary moves provided  for in the detailed responce plan in case of reporting a case of Covit-19.

Check in - Check out:
Check out 11:00'   -   Check in : 15:00' ( Ιf that day did not stay other customer at the apartment the Check in will be on time, earlier).

We would like to thank you for your emotional support all this time.
Until we meet soon, we stay safe and healthy
With warm regards

Geroge Nazos
Authority of Skiathos driades accommodation for rent.

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Special offers for 2021

Dear guests , you are pleased to have a look at our special offers for 2021.

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Οur new big and safe garden - house for the children

Dear Guests we inform you that we have already installed at our villa's big garden a comfortable, absolutely safe and cosy garden - house to entertain the customers children.