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Cancellation Policy

According the EOT (Greek Tourism Organisation): If cancelled up to 21 days before date of arrival, no fee will be charged.
If cancelled up to 15-20 days before date of arrival, 50% of all nights will be charged.
Ιf cancelled up to 7-14 days before date of arrival, 75% of all nights will be charged.

Please note that the above policy valid on bookings with non-discounted prices. Οn the day of arrival if any cancellations, changes, early departure or "no-show" will be charged the amount provided by law: that is the 50% of the value of non-stay days (here is not included the deposit).

Accommodation’s reservation are ensured with immediate prepayment of the legal 30% of the total amount.
For bookings due to discount, it's recommended the deposit's transaction to take place immediately in the accommodation current Βank account and the settlement will take place upon arrival moment in cash. In case of later cancellation the deposit is non-refundable and apply the EOT policy as above .

According the law: If the customers wish to stay longer, they have to come in contact early with apartment’s management.
In case of availability and always according to the benefit of the business, customer's extend stay until 18:00΄ is charged the 50% of the apartment daily value.
After 18:00΄ is charged the 100% of the apartment’s daily value.

Check-in:   14:00' - 22:00' hours
Check-out: 08:00' - 11:00' hours.
...Due to much earlier check-out, the apartment can be able for earlier check-in for the next customers.  
   That also will depends on numerous on service accommodation.

For the Travel agencies:
Αpply the cancellation policy of the accommodation.
Accommodation’s reservation are ensured with immediate prepayment of 30% of the total amount and the rest of payment is settled at least 20 business days before customers arrival.

Payment is:
By Bank monetary transfer in the accommodation current bank account or by the following accepted valid Credit cards: Visa Euro / Mastercard.
By credit card payment, the Travel agency and the individual travelers charge the bank’s withhold fees.

For credit cards the bank's withhold fees are: Visa (Credit & Debit 0,9%, Business 1,75%), Master card (Credit & Debit 0,9%, Business 1,75%)