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It is a place of the highest ecological importance and rare beauty. It’s under the aegis of the European program ENVIREG  with actions for protection and aesthetical elevation.
The lagoon is  vital for species of migratory birds, which stop and breed in winter and spring time. Herons, winged Stilts, moorhens, egret, egrets with long legs and gait mansion, jet-black cormorants, coots, beautiful flamingo, impressive glossy ibis with purple and blue sheens, storks, white swans , geese with great throw, along with dozens of turtles and lush wetland vegetation give the landscape a unique beauty and bring even more great ecological value of the area.
Except to many species of aquatic birds, it is home for fishes as eels, bass, mullet and generally fish freshwater and saline waters. Also for 5 species of mammals and for 7 species of amphibious animals.
There the children will have fun playing with the ducks, the swans and the peacocks, also going  for fishing  safely at the wooden bridge it unites the sea with the lake.