Skiathos Information

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Skiathos Island

Skiathos island is specially lighted.
It bred many intellectuals and made its own history during the Ottoman rule with its boat yards, its hundred and ten sailing ships and its monasteries.
A hermitage and base of operations at the same time, Skiathos contributed to the cultural history of modern Greece with Alexandros Papadiamandis, Alexandros Moraitidis and other eminent intellectuals and scientists.


Greetings - Note

Since the right to development is the criterion for respecting all other human rights, we, in the Municipality of Skiathos, thought, that this must be the aim we should try to achieve.
For that reason, we founded an organization through which all people will have the chance to maximize all their capabilities, being able in this way to contribute to the evolution of the society as a whole. Thus, in 1993 the Developmental Company of the Municipality of Skiathos was founded.


Skiathos literary Men

Alexandros Papadiamandis "The poet of prose" according Kostis Palamas, is aggregated among the most distinguished Greek writers of modern Greece.
He was born in March 4, 1851, in Skiathos, and died there, too. His deep love for his homeland, God and humans is most obvious in his work in general. Hundreds of articles and studies have been written for his work.


Skiathos Castle

The island's medieval town used to live in the Castle. It is located in the north foot of Skiathos. It is a 3 hour walking distance or 1,5 hour by boat. It is the most remarkable location of Skiathos not only because of its history but also its natural beauty.

Alexandros Papadiamandis, a famous journalist and writer, had given an outstanding description of the Castle and its location and he had used it as an action area in a lot of his books.


Skiathos History

Skiathos history is deeply rooted within the centuries and its origins go back in the prehistoric era. The beauty of the environment, the safe and wide port which is secured by four small islands, its fertile land, and its marine wealth made it a pole of attraction for the races that were emigrating during the prehistoric era.


Tour in Skiathos

When leaving the town behind, we take the regional street that leads to the south-east side of the island, to Koukounaries. The street extends along the coastal area. The view is splendid.
On the left there is the sea, the offshore islands, boats that come and go, ketches that transfer the visitors at the beaches, marine sports that draw splendid shapes on the waves. Hotels and taverns of unique aesthetics, magnificent premises call on the visitors.


Skiathos hinterland

Skiathos hinterland, though different from the coastal part of the island reveals an equally interesting aspect. Here, the splendid natural landscape dominates, with the monasteries to be the main sightseeing. This magnificent part of the island is worth visiting too.


Wetland and Woodland of Koukounaries

Skiathos is the westernmost island of the group of Northern Sporades which is located to the north-east of Evvoia island and comprises the eastern part of the prefecture of Magnisia. The total surface of the island is 47 Km2 and the predominate climate is temperate mediterranean with an annual rainfall of about 600 mm. The whole island is being protected as an “aesthetic forest “ since 1977.