Since the right to development is the criterion for respecting all other human rights, we, in the Municipality of Skiathos, thought, that this must be the aim we should try to achieve.
For that reason, we founded an organization through which all people will have the chance to maximize all their capabilities, being able in this way to contribute to the evolution of the society as a whole. Thus, in 1993 the Developmental Company of the Municipality of Skiathos was founded.

The company's concern is the creation of a financial, social, cultural and tourist environment, which will enable the residents to accomplish great social progress. For that reason, whoever mayor assumes authority, is at the same time, responsible for the process of this effort.

The Developmental Company of the Municipality of Skiathos has accomplished the following:

Cultural area:

  • Since 1994, it has been authorized by the Municipality of Skiathos to use the house of Alexandros Papadiamandis as a museum. The house where the eminent resident of Skiathos was born operates as a museum with great concern and respect and welcomes about 20.000 visitors annually.
  • The Developmental Company of the Municipality of Skiathos publishes several magazines, books and newspapers, all relevant with the presentation of the spiritual heritage of Skiathos.

Tourism area:

  • In co-operation with the Municipality's authorities, the local tourism authorities (Skiathos Hotel Association, Skiathos Rooms for Rent Association, Tourist Agencies Association, Rent a car Association), the company participates with a boost in many tourist exhibitions, both in and out of Greece, with the aim to promote the island both in the Greek and international tourist market.
  • During the winter season, it organizes educational seminars about tourism.
  • During summer, the company operates two offices, the first one in the east port of Skiathos and the second within the premises of the island's airport, where visitors can be informed about anything they may need.

Environmental area:

  • The company managed to put under the aegis of the European program ENVIREG the wetland of Koukounaries.
  • Actions for protection and elevation of the forest of Koukounaries, which of aesthetical value.
  • Aesthetical elevation of Koukounaries beach.
  • Blue flag award for Koukounaries beach.

Financial - Business Area:

The company has under its administrative and financial jurisdiction:

  • Papadiamandis' museum.
  • The public cafeteria in "Bourtzi" peninsula.
  • Koukounaries beach (rented umbrellas, canteens, water sports enterprises).
  • The two tourist information offices.

The President of the Board of Directors of The Developmental Company of the Municipality of Skiathos S.A.

Nikolaos K. Plomaritis
Mayor of Skiathos

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